Buddha being sheltered by the multi headed serpent king mucalinda

The Imperator of the Chancel Xanadu, Mucalinda is one of Aaron’s Serpents. Reputedly, Mucalinda sheltered The Buddha as he sat beneath the Bo tree attaining enlightenment. Whether this story is true or not is as yet unclear.

What is known is that Mucalinda takes the an impossibly large serpent. When not enNobling random strangers, Mucalinda swims in the liquid dreams beneath Chancel Xanadu. He has some difficulty interacting with the normal world. Wherever Mucalinda goes, the spirits of beauty, joy, happiness and hope flock to him, leaving the area around him a terrible, devastated wasteland (usually some sort of disaster area in Prosaic reality).

Mucalinda’s Imperator sheet:

  • Sensualist
  • Peaceful
  • Hands-off
  • Cannot tell fiction from reality
  • difficulty fitting into linear time
  • drains the life force from the environment, leaving devastation in his wake.


Nobilis: The Serpent Sleeps Beneath nickwedig