Power of Musical Instruments


Musical Instruments:

…inspire a range of emotions (2)
…work together harmoniously (2)
…need an artist to function properly (2)
…create a beautiful sound (1)

Key of Oak

(Something that has not changed)

My Identity:

-gospel musician
-community – a small group of fans


-This world does not match what I know to be God
-Inspirational Friend – Hoichi Kobayashi, the 12th century blind lute player
(How can I reconcile my beliefs with the world that I see?)

Key of Gorse

(Something in Thrall)

Held in Thrall:

-pawn of Lord Entropy
-Cammora informant
-The Song of Light
(What does Entropy want with me?)

Entangled with my enemy:

-I can’t let go
-I’m weak
-I never questioned authority before


Skill: Playing guitar (3)
Skill: talking to crowds (2)
Passion: I can’t forgive my father (1)
Passion: I like feeling like part of a community (2)


Bond: I need to save their souls so they can have eternal life (?)
Bond: Authority must be respected (2)
Bond: I have great respect for faith and spirituality of any flavor (?)
Affliction: I cannot play off key (1)
Affliction: I cannot romantically love another person (3)

Aspect: 1
Domain: 2
Persona 3
Treasure 2

6 MPs of each kind
no gifts.


Nobilis: The Serpent Sleeps Beneath nickwedig