Power of Dreams


“A Boy named Sue”

(or Sveta because I think he was born Russian)
Become Noble: 40ish, petty criminal, seller of chief knock-offs, always yearned for something greater. Unknown to him, he was one of the many heirs of the previous power of Dreams lost and undiscovered. When the old Dream died, Dreameater Merry (the mysterious and miraculous chief servant of Dreams) was told to select a new one from among the heirs. She chose him, and now Sveta must live up to his predecessor’s dark shadow.


Cool -1 (3 with Aspect)
Passion: I want to do right by people – 2
Skill: Telling people what they want to hear – 3
Skill: Casual violence – 1
Skill: Crime – 1

Properties of the Estate of Dreams

Dreams are a hope for the future – 3
Dreams don’t touch reality – 1
Dreams exist in mental landscapes -1
Dreams will tell you things – 1
Even terrible dreams are beautiful – 1

Aspect – 2
Domain – 0
Persona – 0
Treasure – 5

Gift: Immutable (1)
Gift: Sovereign’s Gift (dream creation) (1)
Gift : Glorious – Awe (2)

Bonds/Afflictions (16 spent, 2 left unallocated)


I must honor the debts of the previous Dream. – 1
Wondrous Anchor: The Mansion of Dreams, built by the previous Power taking on many debts (Wondrous Power: Being the perfect home.)

I command the defense of dreams. – 2
Wondrous Anchor: An Army of Dream Demons, who fight inside dreams against those who attack or eat dreams. (Wondrous Power: Possession. Dream demons can take possession of people or objects whose dreams they inhabit.)

I must maintain reserve and dignity from the people of the Chancel. – 1
Wondrous Anchor: The Servant’s Vestments, through which Dream has an intermediary. (Wondrous Power: The perfect butler. Anyone who wears them becomes the perfect servant.)


There’s a love between me and the chief servant of dreams, Merry. – 4
Miraculous Anchor: Dreameater Merry is a miraculous power from the previous age, older than some Imperators. (Miraculous Power: All-Fiction. When Merry is awakened to her miraculous power, she can condemn anything to the great Void Beyond, rendering it non-existent.)

(And she’s a reasonably important NPC who may well have her own ideas and exercise her miraculous nature at the HG’s discretion!)

I admire anything done out of earnest intention. – 3
Wondrous Anchor: The All-Tool. This anchor is often given to mortals that whose intentions Dream/Sveta respects and to whom he wishes to provide subtle aid. (Wondrous Power: It can transform into perfect version of whatever mundane item you need most right at the moment, providing a Tool bonus. Though what you do with it is up to you.)

Weaknesses & Limitations

Code of Conduct

I must not wake anyone who is dreaming. – 1
Wondrous Anchor: Sleep Dust. A tool to help in keeping this vow, obtained from the power of Sleep in the distant past. (Wondrous Power: Cause Sleep You sprinkle it on someone, or at higher levels some thing or concept, and they fall or stay asleep.)


Anyone I defeat becomes my friend (Lesser Creation of Friendship). – 3
(Note: Friendship goes both ways. Also, it’s normally a meaningful defeat that the opposing party had some investment in. If someone runs away to fight another day, but Sveta didn’t really defeat them, it doesn’t count! If it’s a mortal, unless they spent Willpower they probably weren’t really trying.)


Nobilis: The Serpent Sleeps Beneath Dayriff