John Cadmus

Power of Misplaced Emotions


Misplaced Emotion:

-must be acted upon (3)
-complicates simple matters (2)
feels unnatural (1)
can come from nowhere (1)

Key of the Wild Rose (Something Different)

My Nature:

-an everyman amalgam

My Struggles:

-trying to fit in
-Do I count as human?
-Legacy of Progenitors

Key of the Star of Bethlehem (Something, Changed Forever)

What it Made Me:

-celebratory of self-awareness
-an exemplar of humanity

How it changed the world:

-I can’t let go
-I’m committed
-I raise questions about being/humanity/mind/souls
-manufactured army

Passions and Skills:

(2) I love being self-aware
(3) I strongly connect with other self aware beings
(1) I am unreasonably loyal to my Progenitors
(1) I am a public figure
(1) Most of my parts are replaceable


(some values got cut off in the photo I took)

(2) I do more of what I feel than what I think
(2) Affliction: Being a clone is off-putting to others
(1) Affliction: My very existence serves the immortality of the race.
Affliction: I am a whirlwind of literal emotions
Bond: I recognize misplaced emotions easily
Bond: Enlightened choice must be defended
Affliction: Even strong true emotions are doubted in my presence
Bond: Most people “know me from somewhere”

Aspect: 0
Domain: 2
Persona 1
Treasure 1

7 of each kind of Miracle Point


Unblemished Guise (1)
Out of Nowhere – Lesser Movement of Self, (Strike 4), Simple Miracle, Self
Helpful Estate (6) – lesser Motions (?)
Invisibility (1)

John Cadmus

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